Monday, June 29, 2009

88 Warm Palette Swatches

The palette does have different finishes. From mattes to satins to shimmers. This is why I love this palette.

Here they are. If you click on the picture, you'll see which one is matte, satin or shimmer. I personally like the satin and shimmer ones better because the are a lot more pigmented and easier to blend.

I'm sorry for the 2 rows with NO pictures. I accidently deleted them and I'm TOO lazy to redo them. LOL. My favorite row will probably be row 9. They are soooo pretty.

w/ flash

NO flash

1st row w/ flash

1st row no flash

2nd row w/ flash<---- i accidently deleted it... :(
2nd row no flash

3rd row w/flash<-- accidently deleted it :(
3rd row no flash

4th row w/flash

4th row no flash

5th row w/flash

5th row no flash

6th row w/ flash

6th row no flash

7th row w/ flash

7th row no flash

8th row w/ flash

8th row no flash

9th row w/ flash

9th row no flash

10th row w/ flash

10 row no flash

11th row w/ flash

11th row no flash


  1. ahh i want that palette! but i have the 28 neutral palette already =[ the grays are pretty

  2. Ooh, these are soo nice. I have the original 88 palette. Good stuff :)

  3. ooooooooooooo, ahhhhhhhhhhh, PRETTY COLORS!!

  4. I really love dark colors, because I'm dark, so I'm totally in love with the darker shades! :)

  5. A lot of the lightest colors look very similar in the pictures, in person is there more of a noticeable difference? I ordered this palette and I get it in a couple days, so I guess I'll find out for myself.

  6. i want this pallete, but i wonder how long it takes to ship to the uk :/

  7. Fabulous swatches! Thats really helpful!!
    Thanks xxxx