Saturday, November 13, 2010

Found a new passion!

Lately, I've been addicted to Poupeegirl and I have been spending all my time and energy on that! If you scroll down, you'll see a doll all glammed up! If you have a poupeegirl, PLEASE suteki me and I'll do the same for you. Leave me a comment if you suteki me so I'll know. THANKS in advance!

I have been thinking and I think instead of a makeup focused blog, I'm going to (try) taking a picture of my _____ of the day (I'm thinking mostly OOTD) and posting it to share as a tribute to my obsession with Poupeegirl.

Let me know what you think. I'm currently at my in-laws' so I didn't bring any "cool" outfits. I'll start on Monday (I hope).

I hope you ladies (and gentlemen) are doing well. Winter is officially here in the mid-west. Sighs!



  1. Yay you're back!!! Poupeegirl looks really fun but I'm afraid that I'll get addicted...hee hee. XD I am however looking forward to your OOTDs! Don't leave us again!

  2. Hi~
    I stumbled upon your blog through your poupee actually, hehe. What a surprise when I saw that your post was about poupee too!
    I am, just like you, addicted to poupee~

    Take care

  3. Poupee is my new addiction too! Haha! It's almost all I ever do. Winter isn't so bad if you stay bundled up. :) Mori style helps too, all the fur and layers. ^_^

    Please visit my blog, :) I'm new to blogging and could really use some criticism and help figuring out what else to do. Thanks :)