Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Back!

It's been a good long while since I've posted anything! I was in WI (4 hours away) for a Hmong ceremony for my husband's family to welcome me in. It was quite an experience. Got back home and then packed up and got ready to go camping with the kids from school. Boy, so much drama within a week. I wonder if my friends and I were that dramatic. It's interesting because my group of girls reminded me so much of my own friends when we were that age. They thought I was so cool because I knew exactly what they were going through. I told them that it's LIFE. Everyone goes through it. HAHA! They thought I brainwashed them while they were sleeping and that's how I know a lot about them. So funny. It was a long week with them, but I had lots of fun and I realized that I can survive teaching middle schoolers. High school students on the other hand.....dunno. :P I've been recovering and trying to catch up on sleep. For a few nights it was freezing cold at camp! Seriously, I went to sleep with windbreakers on, with socks and had my windbreakers tucked in....a long sleeve shirt and a sweater with the hood on. It was COLD! So much for summer this year. So for a week, no make up...no trendy outfits...LOL! I did manage my skin routine in! WHEW!

I have no pictures to share for this post. Just some random thoughts. I'll be in a wedding this weekend. One more wedding after this one then weddings are done! Geesh....this year has been so crazy with weddings.....mine included.

Have a good day everyone!