Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Picnik Photo editing & Funkiimonkee's Funny Face Contest entry

YAY! I'm at 40 followers! When I reach 50, I'm going to do a contest. :)

Last night I decided to play around with Picnik and it was so much fun. My husband got mad at me because I spent so much time on the computer yesterday! Here are some recent to VERY old photos I played with. I'm not a professional, so I know these are not the greatest. :P

Me fooling around with my sisters earlier this summer! I'm so glad I have so many sisters to play dress up with!

About 2 years ago playing with makeup with the sisters!

One of our very first getaways to Chicago.

During our wedding :)

Our nieces :

Me.....many summers ago.

Today I need to clean up our apartment. We haven't been home lately so everything is so messy. I hate cleaning, but I hate having a messy home!


I decided to enter Funkiimonkee's Funny Face Contest !!

Here is a picture of my baby girl HAZEL! She's my doghter! :) Isn't she cute!


  1. You take great photos! Take a funny one and enter my contest if you can:) My fiance gets angry at me too for being on the computer too much! Just give them something to do! ahhha

  2. Haha! I absolutely love the face of your dog. So adorable =)

  3. Your "doghter"! Hahaha...love that! Hazel is a cutie pie. :) Love the Picnik pics...especially the ones of your nieces.

  4. Aww cute Hazel with happy, squinty eyes. ^^

  5. ohhh cute dog! I love dogs! Thanks for entering!

  6. Your nieces are adorable and I love the highlights in your hair!

    hahaha hazel is so cute!!