Monday, August 10, 2009

Pictures from LyChee's (Lytou and Chee's) wedding

Pictures of the wedding party and me I stole from people on facebook. The wedding took place at a college I graduated from. Oh the memories. The chapel is beautiful! Some of these photos were picnik-ed. I love playing with that program!

**HAPPY one month of being married to Mr. XXV and me!

Northwestern College Chapel

Who's up next?


  1. Love the pics! You look so pretty in red. :) Happy one month to you two!

  2. happy one month to you and your hubby!!

    thanks for sharing the pictures and i agree with shopn'chomp, your gorgeous in red, very victorian like

  3. Happy 1 month to you and your hubby. The pictures are lovely.

  4. Happy "Monthsary" to you and your hubby. By the way, I love the wedding pictures...Ladies in red, so pretty =)

  5. Never thought I would look nice in red....but thanks! :)

  6. Aw congrats girl! =D I love the wedding pics, they are priceless! They definitely will bring lots of smiles and happy memories down the road. I hope my wedding is not so serious and has a playful aspect as well.

    Red goes amazing with Asians and darker hair, IMO. It looks very elegant, and yet coyly seductive lol! You look beautiful.